Strategic View - Nuclear

Scenarios and Perspectives On the Present and Future of Commercial Nuclear
High Level Insights for Industry, Government and Academia

  • A copy of Linton Consultings Strategic View - Nuclear Executive Summary. 
  • A 16-page, full-color, illustrated summary report providing a high level view of the globabl nuclear industry - past, present and future.
  • A completely new industry analysis based on 5 years of research and development.
  • Builds upon a previously conducted effort from 2008 with much greater global coverage, extensive detail, and perspectives on the future.
  • Insights to help you better understand the present and future of the nuclear industry for strategy development.
  • All of Option 1, plus:
  • You receive a single user copy of the Strategic View full report: approx 150 pages.
  • In-depth reviews and insights of key topics across the nuclear fuel cycle / value chain. 
  • Detailed global analysis and country reviews.
  • Extensive references providing electronic links to websites for more comprehensive research and trend validation.
  • You get an “MBA” in understanding of the big picture of the global nuclear industry.
  • All of Option 1 & 2, plus:
  • Your name prominently displayed in the large report as a sponsor of Strategic View with a profile and website link.
  • Access to Linton Consulting’s database and assistance for improved marketing and business development.
  • Remote (conference-call) report presentation & discussion
  • Single-site license for Strategic View — Nuclear at your location.
  • All of Option 1, 2 & 3, plus:
  • Full enterprise license for internal distribution of study.
  • Up to 3 executive interviews with key leaders of your organization for study input.
  • Your name prominently displayed as a Strategic View —Nuclear partner.
  • Extensive sharing in our research findings.
  • On location executive presentation and strategy workshop.
  • Participation in Executive Roundtable for industry peer discussions and visioning of the future.

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Executive Summary
Option 1 - $500

Full Study/Report
Option 2 - $1,000

Program Sponsor
Option 3 - $5,000

Program Partner
Option 4 - $10,000

Strategy Development
  • Your business strategy and planning processes are vitally important to your success.
  • Professional, external input/advice will increase success.
  • We review your competitive strategies: marketing, operations, financial.
  • Assess your market knowledge and competition.
  • Help you overcome internal bias and legacy-limiting past.
  • Evaluate diversification issues and candidates.
  • Facilitate strategy workshops
  • Other strategy evaluation and development services.

Marketing & Business

Market Research &

Knowledge Products:
Studies, Roundtables

  • Strategic marketing: coordinating the voice of the customer to your organization and your voice to customers.
  • Awareness, perceptions, branding.
  • Market positioning for success
  • Targeting and developing more and higher Executive relationships.
  • Strengthening your sales message
  • Improving your proposals, sales/marketing literature and websites.
  • Perspectives and knowledge for business growth.
  • Understanding the future for your markets and implications for business strategy.
  • Understanding customer needs and wants for more new business.
  • Using market research as a strategic resource for relationship development
  • Improving returns on your marketing and business development investments.
  • Other marketing research and support services.
  • Through participation in many conferences, industry events and executive interviews, we develop insights of high potential value to you.
  • We conduct numerous roundtables and seminars each year on specialized topics; you can share in findings.
  • Our Strategic View program provides both high level and detailed industry insights.
  • Our network of partners offer even deeper resources including specific studies of countries, technologies, and the industry value chain.  Contact us for more details.
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